As a SpiritMindBody wellness practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, I’ve gleaned much from my continuous self-directed study of Eastern practices. Through a self discovery process, honed over many years, I’ve nurtured and developed my own intuitive capabilities.


As a culture, we are moving back towards our holistic and intuitive roots to develop our lives in a way we have not known or experienced.


By connecting your spirit, mind and body through specific holistic movements, intuitive practices and a curiosity to go within, you too can discover your own intuitive abilities; along with a way to develop and strengthen your overall health. Through these powerful experiential processes we can now reach new heights of overall health and wellness.


Classes, Workshops, Private Sessions in these areas are available for you to develop and connect with your own unique SpiritMindBody.


Medical Intuition


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Debi Cristiano, B.S.
Intuitive Counselor & Guide
SpiritMindBody Wellness Practitioner
Nationally Certified Fitness & Health Professional