Thank you for taking the time to look through my photography, and learn a bit about me.

I am a multi-format artist who finds inspiration in almost everything around me, but, most especially, on my walks through nature, in the stillness of a wooded park, a hidden trail, or a well worn path with a thousand stories to tell.

My photography is a means to communicate the positive energy, and high vibrations that surround us continually, even as we walk through what seems like a mundane world.

The images I “capture” seek me out, and I do the simple act of framing them, and telling their story through my eyes..

It truly thrills me to be part of their journey, and to share that journey with you.

My photography has been featured on area websites, and in feature articles.

I thank you, again, for taking the time to view my work, and I hope that the energy my photos exude will add a bit of peace, positivity, and mindfulness to your day.

To those who purchase my prints, a very special thank you, and please feel free to reach out and tell me just what connected you to the print you purchased.

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